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Why Choose RSS?

At RSS we are dedicated to providing outstanding service at every stage of your Resin Driveway Installation, from consultation to completion and beyond. With a lifespan of 25+ years, resistance to UV, frost, & weeds, a permeable Resin Driveway is low maintenance & cost-effective choice.



We combine the best materials with a highly trained and experienced workforce, We also conduct quality inspections for every single project to ensure that it is finished to our own exacting high standards.


Due to the close relationship we have built up with the UK's largest aggregate supplier we can deliver your project economically, in addition we focus on efficiency - meaning less time on site, less wastage and more value for our clients.


Unlike a lot of contractors, here at RSS we are fully insured, and personally guarantee our work, that means as a client of ours you get quality, value and piece of mind.


We are an honest, hard working company continually striving to deliver our absolute best for our clients, don't just take our word for it see what our clients are saying... 

Much stronger and durable product than our competitors

We use a UV STABLE Resin which will not fade over time.

We lay our Resin Bound Surfaces at a minimum of 20mm for extra strength

RSS Has Used Over 100,000

Recycled Shredded Tyres In 2022

At RSS we excavate all of our driveways to a minimum of 300mm & patios to 150-200mm

Only Resin Bound company in Hertfordshire to be accredited Trading Standards approved



We use up to 20% more Resin & Hardener in our mixes resulting in a much stronger and durable product.


Non Fading UV Resin

We use a UV STABLE Resin which will not fade over time.

From as quick as only two weeks after installation NON UV Stable Resin will start darken. Obstacles such as pots, bins etc. will not be affected and will stand out when the obstacle is moved. Inconsistent shading will also result wherever an area is protected from UV rays eg. where a car is left on a drive for any period of time, overhanging branches etc.
As the resin surface layer wears, shaded wheel tracks will also become visible.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 13.45_edited.jpg

Example of Colour Change in less than 2 weeks.
The photo demonstrates how much the surface has faded. 


Resin Thickness

At RSS we are one of the only companies in the UK that lay Resin Bound Surfaces at a minimum of 20mm, there are many companies & independants out there that lay Resin Bound Surfaces around anything from 5mm to 18mm. 

Thin Resin Bound driveways & patios will break up very quickly, requiring substantial cost to remove the impaired & cracked resin to replace it. Resin driveways applied to the correct thickness depth will provide a highly durable and incredibly low-maintenance finish, which looks fantastic.


Focusing on Sustainability 

The environment needs help, now more than ever. Resin Bound surfaces are one of the best ways to start to hold off and eventually reverse the damage that humans have done to the planet while maintaining our way of life.


Excavation Depth 

Resin Bound can be overlaid onto existing concrete or tarmac surfaces if they meet our Trading Standards specification on our Free Site Surveys.

If your existing driveaway does not meet our specifications, our groundworks team will excavate and install our Recycled Rubber Base for your Resin Bound patio/driveway.

At RSS we excavate all of our driveways to a minimum of 300mm & patios to 150-200mm. If a Resin Bound Driveway/Patio sub base is not deep enough or compacted well enough, the result is usually cracking or sinking. This normally starts at the weakest points, around corners and maintenance hole covers, then developing to the rest of the surface. At RSS we never sacrifice quality for cost, so if you are looking for a driveway/patio to stand the test of time get in touch with RSS.

rss copy.jpg

Trading Standards Approved You're In Safe Hands 

"Buy With Confidence" is the only national business approval scheme owned, operated & controlled directly by Trading Standards services.

We are the only Resin Bound specialist company in Hertfordshire to be accredited to a Trading Standards level.

We have been vetted and assessed by the Local Authority Trading Standards Service to help ensure that we operate in a legal, honest and fair way. That Service is confident enough in our business to have awarded us the status of "Buy With Confidence - Trading Standards Approved".

When making purchasing decisions it can be difficult to know who to trust. Rogue traders and dodgy salesmen con millions of pounds from British consumers every year, while some other business's ignorance of the law means their customers' legal rights aren't respected. That's why an RSS partnership with the Local Authority Trading Standards gives you piece of mind that we will deliver a quality service and product for our clients.

Based on their experiences of the problems consumers face and their expert knowledge of how to spot problem businesses, Trading Standards Services have created an extensive vetting and monitoring procedure that all businesses seeking Buy With Confidence membership must go through.


No business can legally claim Buy With Confidence - Trading Standards Approved status until they have satisfied all these assessments and had their membership signed off by a Trading Standards service.


These checks include:

• Credit & finances

• Trading History, including their complaints history

• Trading Standards database checks

• An on-premises inspection by a qualified Trading Standards Professional • Criminal records (DBS) check (if they work in or around people's homes) • Customer references

Once admitted onto the scheme, the businesses continue to be monitored by a Trading Standards Service throughout their membership.

In the unlikely event that a customer has a problem with RSS, Trading Standards support is available to help find a solution.

We believe that it says something about the character of a business if they are happy to invite Trading Standards in to look at their practices, and to publicly commit to the standards that Buy With Confidence upholds. Therefore when a business says they are Buy With Confidence - Trading Standards Approved, you can be assured that it really means something.

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