Why Resin Surface Specialists?


Paul Kasperczak - Managing Director, has worked within the landscaping industry for over 25 years, serving residential and commercial clients alike, why does he think you should choose RSS for your next project?

  • Quality - we combine the best materials with a highly trained and experienced workforce, I also personally conduct quality inspections for every single project to ensure that it is finished to our own exacting high standards.

  • Value - due to the close relationship we have built up with the UK's largest aggregate supplier we can deliver your project economically, in addition we focus on efficiency - meaning less time on site, less wastage and more value for our clients.

  • Insured - unlike a lot of contractors, here at RSS we are fully insured, and personally guarantee our work, that means as a client of ours you get quality, value and piece of mind.

  • Integrity - we are an honest, hard working company continually striving to deliver our absolute best for our clients, don't just take my word for it see what our clients are saying...

Areas Covered

Resin Surface Specialists is based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.


The majority of our projects have been located in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Bedfordshire; that's not to say we wouldn't be able to help you if you're situated outside of those areas.


Generally speaking RSS operates within London and the surrounding Home Counties. Unsure? Gives us a call now or drop us a line at info@resinsurfacespecialists.com


Resin Bound vs Bonded

At RSS we focus on delivering a Resin Bound system for our clients. This shouldn't be confused with the similar sounding, but very different Resin bonded system. So what's the difference?

Resin Bound System

  • A Resin Bound system is aesthetically and physically superior to a resin bonded system due to the installation process

  • The gravel is mixed together with the resin

  • This mixture is then hand trowelled on to the base surface to leave a smooth flat finish with no loose gravel

  • The resulting surface is fully permeable, allowing surface water to rapidly drain away reducing the risk of flooding

  • This is compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage System "SUDS" requirements and therefore requires no planning permission


Resin Bonded System

  • The gravel is not mixed with the resin, it is spread across a layer of pre-applied resin onto a suitable existing base surface

  • Some of the stone will adhere to the resin and some will not leaving a surface that gives the appearance of loose gravel

  • The resulting surface is not fully permeable and on its own is not SUDS compliant

  • Any area installed that is over 5 square meters will require an application to your local planning department, including drawings, fees and a wait time from your council of upto 8 weeks.

Resin Bound vs other options

The following table highlights the benefits of a Resin Bound system over other surfacing systems, as you will see no other option gives such a complete range of strengths. Added to this, Resin Bound gravel is upto one third faster to lay than some other systems.​

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