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Why Resin Bound?

Why Choose Resin Bound?

Resin bound surfacing is one of the fastest growing home improvement products in the UK, chosen by homeowners and commercial clients for its durability and long lasting good looks. It is suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and will add an immediate ‘wow’ factor to any home or commercial application.

Resin Bound permeable surfaces are created using specially selected, washed, dried and graded natural aggregates, blended to create non-fade colour palettes as individual as the properties they adorn. The selected aggregates are mixed on site with our high strength thermosetting resin and hardener system, then perfectly hand trowelled to the surface to create a slip resistant, natural stone surface that will never fade and is highly resistant to weeds.

Resin Bound Is Permeable

So no more ugly puddles as surface water drains through to the ground beneath.

No Planning


As a SUDS compliant solution, Resin Bound will not require planning permission.

Endless Colour


Yellows, golds, silvers, greys, creams, reds, pinks... it's over to you.

Resin Bound

Is Versatile

That means you can make your driveway truly unique with borders, shapes, patterns & house numbers.

Slip &

Skid Resistant

Resin Bound is installed with crushed glass for added slip resistance.

Ideal For Any

Size & Shape Area

Resin Bound is easily applied to slopes or steps so it can extend right up to your front door.

Kerb Appeal

Resin Bound surfaces are the most popular driveway choice for a reason - they look fantastic.



Resin Bound requires very little maintenance, its very easy to keep clean & say goodbye to weeds. 

Resin Bound vs Other Options

The following table highlights the benefits of a Resin Bound system over other surfacing systems, as you will see no other option gives such a complete range of strengths. Added to this RSS has capacity to lay over 200 square meters per day, so your project could be finished sooner than you think.​

Resin Bound Advantages

Resin Bound vs Resin Bonded

At RSS we focus on delivering a Resin Bound system for our clients. This shouldn't be confused with the similar sounding, but very different Resin bonded system. So what's the difference?

Resin Bound System

  • A Resin Bound system is aesthetically and physically superior to a resin bonded system due to the installation process

  • The gravel is mixed together with the resin

  • This mixture is then hand trowelled on to the base surface to leave a smooth flat finish with no loose gravel

  • The resulting surface is fully permeable, allowing surface water to rapidly drain away reducing the risk of flooding

  • This is compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage System "SUDS" requirements and therefore requires no planning permission


Resin Bonded System

  • The gravel is not mixed with the resin, it is spread across a layer of pre-applied resin onto a suitable existing base surface

  • Some of the stone will adhere to the resin and some will not leaving a surface that gives the appearance of loose gravel

  • The resulting surface is not fully permeable and on its own is not SUDS compliant

  • Any area installed that is over 5 square meters will require an application to your local planning department, including drawings, fees and a wait time from your council of upto 8 weeks.

Focusing on Sustainability 

A Resin Bound surface is a sustainable surface and more environmentally friendly than other options such as concrete or tarmac, click Learn More to find out why.

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