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Bespoke Blends

This range is a selection of 40 blended aggregates that have been created by custom mixing the individual aggregates to create a stunning selection of bespoke colours and textures.

The Bespoke range of resin bound gravels and aggregates offers a superb choice of 40 stunning colour blends shown below. Each blend is made up of different aggregate sizes, textures and colours that span the spectrum – from the richest reds to stylish greys to soft and subtle golden browns.

All of our aggregates are sourced here in the UK supporting British suppliers. When you are investing in a Resin Bound surface you want to ensure that your product endures the test of time, that's why we only combine these top quality aggregates with the best UV resistant resin on the market, ensuring that our products are built to last.

Glacier Resin Bound
White stone interspersed with ivory tones give this classic colour a cool, clean and sophisticated finish.
Morning Mist Resin Bound
This blend of red and silver resin bound aggregates is often used to create unique design features but it works equally well as the main colour creating a very distinctive, eye catching finish.
Fossil Resin Bound
This beautiful blend of cream with a hint of silver offers a lighter, softer finish for contemporary and traditional properties.
Alpine Resin Bound
An eye-catching blend of white aggregates with flecks of silver. This crisp and contemporary look complements darker border colours but is equally spectacular when used on its own.
Titan Silver Resin Bound
A modern classic. This contemporary speckled silver mix works well with most colours and designs and can be paired with black or green for show stopping results.
Domino Resin Bound
This elegant mix of black and contrasting white stone is beautifully textured. Guaranteed to make an immediate impression.
Oyster Resin Bound
Natural light quartz colours are mixed together with flecks of black to add real depth and character to this blend. Perfect for driveways.
Rock Pool Resin Bound
This blend of hard pearl quartz with plum tones creates a rounded gravel mix which is full of character and distinction. A classic blend which works equally well in traditional as well as contemporary designs.
Seashore Resin Bound
This palette of coastal inspired creams, yellows and greys creates a gentle warm blend which works beautifully with a wide range of properties.
White Gold Resin Bound
This distinctive mix of golden and white stones, consisting of various aggregate sizes and textures is bright and summery. Perfect for driveways, patios and paths.
Sunlight Resin Bound
This golden and beige mix of resin gravel will brighten up any garden with its soft, summery feel. A stunning choice for patios and paths as well as driveways.
Riviera Resin Bound
This colour blend is full of character and beauty – sandy hues mixed with amber and silver specks create an eye-catching finish just perfect for resin bound drives.
Aurora Resin Bound
Flecks of chestnut and black highlight the lighter tones of gold, cream and grey perfectly to create a truly stunning finish that is ideal for driveways, patios and paths.
Springtime Resin Bound
This exceptionally popular mix of golden, white, red and brown aggregates creates an attractive traditional colour blend which works well with all types of properties.
Cornfield Resin Bound
Warm, sunny and welcoming. Yellow and golden hues combine to make this an ideal selection for driveways, paths and patios.
Dune Resin Bound
This warm and sandy coloured finish combines all the very best brown and yellow gravels to create a semi-rounded, smooth and even texture. A very popular choice.
Eden Resin Bound
All the beauty of autumn captured in one blend. In particular, the green accent within the blend complements grassed and planted areas and makes this an ideal choice for garden paths and patios as well as driveways.
Arizona Resin Bound
This blend of mainly rounded gravel contains chestnut, hazel and almond colours mixed beautifully with soft creams, yellows and grey to create an absolutely stunning finish.
Golden Pearl Resin Bound
This semi-rounded smooth textured blend includes a combination of brown hues along with yellows and natural light colours to give a smooth, durable finish that is incredibly popular for use in resin bound driveways, paths and patios.
Harvest Gold Resin Bound
A warm golden brown blend that is made even more attractive by the hint of gold that runs through it. This classic collection complements most property styles and is a popular choice for paths and patios as well as driveways.
Cappuccino Resin Bound
Warm hues of yellow, green and brown aggregate of various textures and sizes are mixed to create an attractive deep and rich finish.
Arcadia Resin Bound
This stunning selection combines golds with greys to create a stylish blend which is always a favourite. It works particularly well with stone and rendered properties or in coastal areas where it complements the colours of the natural landscape beautifully.
Sunset Resin Bound
Warm hues of pink, lilac and brown combine beautifully in this mix of crushed angular gravel to create instant kerb appeal for every style of property.
Orchid Resin Bound
Natural clusters of smoothly rounded greys, yellow and cream combine with bursts of angular pink, purple and brown to create an eye-catching blend of real beauty - a timeless classic for any driveway, patio or path.
Pink Opal Resin Bound
Angular jewels of pink, purple and brown stone are beautifully offset against a lustre of smooth, rounded greys and natural beige. A classic blend which complements properties of all styles and age.
Champagne Pink Resin Bound
Subtle tones of lilac, brown and purple are beautifully offset against silver to create this spectacularly elegant and attractive blend of mixed angular and rounded stone – an ideal choice for driveways, paths or patios.
Pearl Blush Resin Bound
This creamy white blend features natural bright, light colours including flecks of cream, yellow and grey blushed with red. Hard but durable, this colour blend creates a stunningly natural, decorative finish.
Santorini Resin Bound
Red and white aggregates combine stylishly to create a sensational colour blend reminiscent of the Mediterranean.
Solstice Resin Bound
Fiery red granite set amongst tones of angular pink, cream and grey stone creates a show stopping blend that adds instant impact to any driveway, path or patio.
Carnival Resin Bound
This gorgeous blend is a carnival of warm colours. Combining red with golden aggregates, it complements homes and commercial properties of all types.
Sienna Resin Bound
This beautiful mix of tones includes browns, oranges and reds to create a warm and inviting finish which is still very contemporary.
Rose garden Resin Bound
This specially selected collection of round, shiny pebbles mixed with granite stone has beautiful red and golden highlights which complements red brick properties in particular.
Athena Resin Bound
This blend of red and silver resin bound aggregates is often used to create unique design features but it works equally well as the main colour creating a very distinctive, eye catching finish.
Merlot Resin Bound
Strong. Rich. Burnished Red. A striking choice which works particularly well against other strong colours and can be used for both traditional and modern designs.
Sorrento Resin Bound
The striking contrast of red against green and the defined angular appearance of the gravel makes this an ideal and very practical choice for driveways.
Moon Shadow Resin Bound
This silver grey angular blend with a strong black fleck for texture and contrast produces a contemporary and clean finish.
Sovereign Resin Bound
This striking mix of angular stone in deep green with flecks of cream, yellow and white delivers a classic and stylish finish. Ideal for driveways, paths and patios.
Steel Blue Resin Bound
This stunning blend of silver grey features flecks of blue and black and creates a contemporary finish ideal in any urban setting - but it also makes a spectacularly impressive contrast against traditional brickwork. Eyecatching when used for driveways, patios and paths.
Brindle Resin Bound
This gorgeous combination of angular stone in crushed brown, purple and pink creates a beautiful, subtle finish which looks perfect in any driveway or patio setting.
Winter Sage Resin Bound
This stunning blend consists of dark green and contrasting gold, cream and grey. The perfect choice for contemporary driveways, paths and patios.
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Glacier Resin Bound

White stone interspersed with ivory tones give this classic colour a cool, clean and sophisticated finish.