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RSS Resin Installations

Resin bound surfacing is one of the fastest growing home improvement products in the UK, chosen by homeowners and commercial clients for its durability and long lasting good looks. It is suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and will add an immediate ‘wow’ factor to any home or commercial application.

Resin Bound permeable surfaces are created using specially selected, washed, dried and graded natural aggregates, blended to create non-fade colour palettes as individual as the properties they adorn. The selected aggregates are mixed on site with a high strength thermosetting resin and hardener system, then hand trowelled to the surface to create a slip resistant, natural stone surface that will never fade and is highly resistant to weeds.

RESIN SYSTEMS: There are a number of resin systems available on the market so it is worth carrying out your research before selecting an installer.

The quality of a Resin Bound system is determined by two factors:

UV STABILITY: Many resin contractors use a cheaper NON UV STABLE resin. This will lead to an inconsistent yellowing of the surface and will be particularly noticeable where vehicles are regularly parked or pots/planters are placed. RSS ONLY use a UV STABLE resin system and this doesn’t suffer from the issues mentioned above.

RESIN CONTENT: RSS are one of only a small number of UK installers that use the high strength 8% resin system (8kg of resin/hardener to 100kg of stone). Most systems are only 5.5% to 6.5% in strength. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a significant difference, RSS systems contain almost 20% more resin than the typical 6.5% kits used by many suppliers.

At RSS we are dedicated to providing outstanding service at every stage of your Resin Driveway Installation, from consultation to completion and beyond. With a lifespan of 25+ years, resistance to UV, frost, & weeds, a permeable Resin Driveway is low maintenance & cost-effective choice.

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We use up to 20% more Resin & Hardener in our mixes resulting in a much stronger and durable product.

Non Fading

We use a UV STABLE resin which will not fade over time.

Resin Thickness

We lay our Resin Surfaces at 20mm - 10% thicker than our competitors.

Excavation Depth 

We excavate our driveways deeper to 300mm and install a well compacted Type 1 sub-base (not crushed concrete) to stop rutting and channelisation.

Focusing on Sustainability

A permeable Resin Bound surface is a better option for the environment than traditional surfaces such as concrete; when combined with an RSS Recycled Rubber Base its a great option.

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